Tommyandyou is a collaboration based design and brand consultancy

I work closely with ambitious founders and executive teams to craft the story that sets your business apart, transforming it into a brand that brings value and meaning to your customers.

Tommyandyou, founded in 2020, is a leading branding agency in Israel. We specialize in creating brand identities for tech-savvy, impact, and culturally rich companies.
Our expertise lies in blending strategy, creativity, and vision to produce a distinctive, holistic brand experience. We tackle complexity, embrace change, and shape the future with each brand we create.

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You might be an ambitious founder with the greatest idea since sliced bread or...

You might be a bold visionary seeking to stir things up, change the game and challenge the status quo. You might be the head of a not-for-profit seeking to make the world a little better than how you found it. You might even be a little bit of all of the above.

I am Tommy Clements

Tommy Clements by Guli Cohen

I grew up with a psychotherapist mother and an artist father. I guess I’ve taken from both. I am part designer, part listener. I simplify complexities. For me, design creates clarity. It expresses meaning, growth and innovation. Most of all it creates collaboration.

I had worked with a wide range of leading local and global brands, such as Google, Keshet, the Jewish Agency, Mobileye, Strauss, and Castro to social activism like ROI Community, Mandel program for excellence, and cutting-edge start-ups like Orcam, Spacemesh, Easy, Empow, White space, Neospeq and more.

Formerly the Co-Founder of Oi! Studio.
CEO, Brand Visionary™ and Creative Director, TOMMYANDYOU.

Innovation is a great vehicle for impact.​

Driven by the opportunity to impact life around us. For me, design is a tool to affect change locally and globally. My passion lies in the meeting point between innovation, arts & culture, and social activism.

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