Our branding for the ROI Community revolves around making an impact. We frequently question ourselves: Do our actions matter? Can words have an impact? Can one person make a difference? This brand identity is all about impact.

Our thoughts, words, and actions can create significant meaning for another. As we learned from the ROI Community, you can never be too small to make a change. This vision of community action from the inside out, Impacting their local communities to society on a broader scale, to eventually, a global transformation is the essence and the impact of what the ROI Community stands for.

ROI Community is a global network that connects and mobilizes innovative Jewish and Israeli change-makers to address complex challenges in Jewish communities, Israel, and the world.

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ROI Community

Derived from the 'ROIball' circular logo, we doubled and tripled the shapes to create forms of impact.

As impact works in ripples and drive change from the inside out, the single person, the “ROIer,” acts from in the community to an eventual global reach of impact and change.

ROI Community Ripple
ROI Community Roiball logo
ROI Community Branding
ROI Community Branding
ROI Community Branding Color Combos

From fighting violence against women to operating day camps for distressed Ukrainian children to advisory at the white house National Security Council policy, ROI Community members act and make an impact around the globe.

In a world driven by thoughts, words, and actions, the ROI Community stands as a shining example of the profound impact one can have, regardless of size. Drawing inspiration from the ROI Community, we’re reminded that even the smallest of gestures can spark transformative change.

At its core, the ROI Community champions the idea of community action from the inside out. Its network unites forward-thinking Jewish and Israeli change-makers from around the globe, uniting them in a shared mission. Together, they tackle the intricate challenges facing Jewish communities, Israel, and the world at large.

ROI SUMMIT photo by Snir Katzir
ROI Community Campaign


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