offers neuroscience data and real-time, reliable brain insights to accelerate innovation.

We partnered with to improve their online presence and branding by showcasing their remarkable talent in merging machine and human intelligence. We focused on simplifying complex brain information and turning it into practical insights, making it accessible to a broad audience, including research institutions, businesses, and organizations looking to enhance user experiences.

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The brand identity is built on the principle of being a bridge between humans and science.

We are establishing a connection between different realms, where we explore the human brain and user behavior, through the realm of precise science. We integrate something warm, organic, intriguing, and variable with something structured, precise, and measurable.

Emotional Manifold

Visualizing emotional data within the brain as an overlay, akin to an X-ray revealing the intricate landscape of human emotions.

Data Fascination

In our realm, we target those actively seeking our data. Our aim is to capture their attention by telling an authentic, compelling story that generates genuine value.

Brain Data Access Point

Our ability to present brain data in a way that easy to use and understand, clean and organized, providing high value to all users. To achieve this goal, we employed the technique of a variable glass lens that transitions between different views from a blurred and difficult-to-read state to a clear and precisely attached information state.


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