As Mobileye went public in Q4 2022, we partnered to create a new branding, website, brand movie, and IPO campaign.

In this remarkable collaboration, we teamed up with the Mobileye team to create comprehensive branding. From the strategy phase, throughout the brand persona, and visual identity to the design of the brand website, developing the design system for various channels and touch-points. The branding included the creation of an IPO campaign on the Nasdaq listing and a brand film.

Branding | Website | Brand movie | IPO campaign 

We celebrated the brand launch with this Nasdaq IPO campaign brand movie.

The following short video wrap story of Mobileye in 40 seconds. It’s not actually about the advanced technology for self-driving cars. Nor is it about chip production or smart transportation. It’s about the people. It’s about the desire to move forward, flourish, and thrive. To reach a better place and create a safer, more supportive environment for our children and us.

Mobileye Brand Persona

We defined the brand identity from how it communicates its role, to core messaging, from the tone of voice style to brand persona characteristics. We called it - the realist visionary.

Mobileye Character
Mobileye Logo Pattern Animation

What's in Mobileye's pattern?

The pattern is crafted from Mobileye’s m icon shape.
Like Mobileye’s technology maps a world and reality, the pattern allows us to create a dynamic and flexible world. Packs in balance and harmony, the design enhances the branded messages.

Mobileye 2D Cars 04
Mobileye 3D car design

Celebrating 125 Million EyeQ's® on the Road.

Now. Next. Beyond.

Website design.
Full website at

Strategical assets for Prof. Amnon Shashua, Mobileye's CEO, for CES 23, under the hood keynote.

Through a series of events and presentations, including the Mobileye: Now, Next, Beyond Press Conference with Professor Amnon Shashua; demonstrations at the Mobileye booth; and exciting partner initiatives; Mobileye is bringing to CES 2023 an insider’s view into the autonomous vehicle revolution it is driving. 

CES 2023 Mobileye Slides
CES 2023 Mobileye Slides
CES 2023 Mobileye Slides

Branding guidelines, swag, and visionary stuff.

Mobileye Milestone
Mobileye Cars Mockups Swag
Mobileye Illustration
Mobileye logo
Mobileye logo
Mobileye logo Sizing
Mobileye Color Palette
Mobileye Color Gradients

Brand visionary  |  Visual identity  |  Website UI/UX  |  Channels design  Brand movie  |  IPO Nasdaq listed campaign  |  Consultancy  |  Workshop.

Full website at


Branding, Creative direction Design: Tommyandyou
Tommy Clements and team 
Haya Ben Sasson, Bina Katz
Strategy and brand messaging: Rashi Elmaliah 
Animation, Design, and 3D: Gabriel Thomas Ayache 
3D, Houdini: Replica Works, Gilad Rozenkoff, Reuven Barazani
After titles, rotoscope: Amir Sorek
Words and Script messaging: David Laxer
Sound Design: Ohad Stamati 432 Studios
Production: Daniel Turuntsev
2D Brand identity animation: Awesome-Deloitte

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